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World Cup power ranking break down

World Cup power ranking break down

Having the FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar is approaching soon, let us look into the further details about the tournament. Here we are focusing on the world cup power ranking break down of all the 32 countries that are participating.

  1. Argentina

During the last season of the world cup in Russia, Argentina went home devastated. But this time they are in great form with Messi, to be making his final appearance in the world cup. It shall be a great story if they become the champions this time. This is one of the teams that the world awaits to watch.

  1. Brazil

This nation has always been one of the favorites in the world cup, having a great record in their number of world cup victories. They too have not been able to perform well in the last world cup. Surely this time the fans shall be waiting to see their sixth world cup win.

  1. Spain

This side has shown a lot of potential during the last few league matches. This new generation of the team led by Pedri, is looking forward to living up to their reputation.

  1. Netherlands

Their victory over Belgium in Brussels has made a high expectation on their fans about the world cup. After 2014, this shall be their first world cup.

  1. Germany

They too had underperformed in the previous world cup. But the recent few performances by this team have made them a promising contender for the world cup.

  1. France

Their fans are rooting for this team to defend the title this time as well. they are one of the favorable sides.

  1. Denmark

This team has already proved that they are one of the top international teams. Everyone shall be looking forward to their performance in the world cup.

  1. Belgium

Of late this team has not been performing up to their standards. The fans are hoping to see a better performance in the world cup.

  1. Portugal

This year it shall be an emotional send-off to Ronaldo’s last world cup appearance. The fans are looking forward to his magic on the field.

  1. England

This team is a favorite to reach the round of 16. Although their performances have not been great but the recent draws had pulled up their fierce side once again.

  1. Senegal

This team is on a high after winning a recent, few matches. They are confident about reaching up to the knockout stages of the world cup.

  1. Uruguay

Uruguay has a tendency of showing gladiatorial fights during the world cup matches. Fans shall be looking for that fierce side once again.

  1. Croatia

They have not been performing for a few years now. But recently have shown their skills back again during the matches against France and Denmark. It had kept the hopes alive for their fans.

  1. Switzerland

In a recent win against Portugal, this side has shown its strength after some time of enduring defeats. They have been placed in a tricky group in the world cup. Have to be on their toes since the first game.

  1. Serbia

This team unfortunately fails to deliver when it is needed. The fans are still hopeful about their home team.

  1. Canada

This team knows how to beat anyone provided if they are in form. This world cup shall be a real test for them.

  1. Wales

After 1958, this has been the first time that they have qualified themselves. It is yet to be seen now how they perform.

  1. Poland

Poland has always been known as the dark horse. But a recent devastating loss to Belgium makes it very unpredictable to know how they shall perform in the world cup.

  1. Mexico

They have struggled during the qualifiers for the world cup. Their performance is expected to be better from here on in the world cup.

  1. USA

This team is showing a great promise. Hopes are high on their world cup performance.

  1. Morocco

This team has been going through a series of ups and downs. It is yet to be seen how they perform on the big stage.

  1. Cameroon

This team is the indomitable lions. The new coach shows a promising attitude to lead the team till the knock-out stages.

  1. Iran

Iran is another unpredictable team. They shall be facing Wales and England in the world cup. It is yet to be known how they cope with those matches.

  1. Tunisia

This team has recently performed well in the Kirin cup against Japan. But they have a tough opponent in the world cup, Denmark and France.

  1. Japan

The performance of Japan is amidst highs and lows. They are an unpredictable side in the world cup.

  1. Ecuador

Ecuador shall be making their fourth world cup appearance. This is a promising side.

  1. Ghana

After their recent defeat to Japan, this team has to work really hard if they wish to reach the knock-out stages of the world cup.

  1. South Korea

They are also an unpredictable team. But their star player Son Heung-min shall be the one to watch.

  1. Costa Rica

This side has a strong side of defense. But they have to watch it out against their opponents Germany and Spain.

  1. Qatar

The host country of the world cup has a scant culture of football. Although they cannot be taken lightly but still they are very unpredictable too.

  1. Australia

This side has played some great games recently and shows immense promise for the world cup.

  1. Saudi Arabia

Recently they have undergone some crashing defeat. It is yet to be seen how they cope up against a difficult side having Mexico and Poland.

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"Eat, breathe and sleep sports" is the life motto of mine. My professional athlete career ended way earlier than I thought, but the passion remains till the present, which is why I am here writing you all the sports news you crave! Also, I am a huge fan of the Premier League as well the NBA.

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