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Matches To Watch In The Group Stage FIFA World Cup 2022

Matches To Watch In The Group Stage FIFA World Cup 2022

The groups have been set for the 32 countries in the FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar. This time it is an interesting mix of teams in each group. This is sure to create lots of drama before the knockout stages. Let us give a look at the matches to watch in the group stage of the FIFA World CUP 2022.

Matches to watch in the group stage FIFA World Cup 2022

Group A: Netherlands vs. Senegal, 21st November

It is interesting that instead of the host nation playing in the opening game, it shall be a game of two neutral sides. The Dutch team had missed out on the 2018 edition of the world cup. Now it is their perfect chance to affirm their presence once again in the world football scenario. On the other hand, Senegal qualified after winning the Africa Cup of Nations. So, this is indeed a match worth to be watching as the two neutral teams shall take to the field.

Group F: Canada vs. Belgium, 23rd November

Canada had waited for 36 years before playing in the world cup and they find themselves pinned against one of the best teams in the world. Although Belgium had made it to the quarter-final stage of many important international tournaments but they are yet to find a spot in the final. This shall be a big break for them to convert themselves as the finalists.

Group G: Serbia vs. Brazil, 24th November

Brazil is certainly one of the favorites in this tournament and has a balanced side to them alongside having their star player Neymar. This is going to b a tricky game for Serbia.

Group B: USA vs. England, 25th November

This shall be a great match to watch as both the teams are in fine form. England is beaming with confidence after being in the finals of Euro 2020, while the USA has a fine bunch of talented young players and the team looks very organized.

Group C: Mexico vs. Argentina, 26th November

This shall be one of the best matches to watch. Argentina had eliminated Mexico in the knockout stages both in the 2006 and 2010 world cup matches. So, this shall be a match to watch if Mexico can turn things different this time. Although the star attraction shall be Messi, as this shall be his final world cup match.

Group D: Denmark vs. France, 26th November

Like Brazil, the defending champions France, are a favorite too. they have a balanced side to their team. On the other hand, Denmark has been performing pretty well too. so, this is going to be a stellar match.

Group E: Germany vs, Spain, 27th March

This seems to be a tricky match between the champions of 2010 and 2014. It shall be great to watch two European teams fighting hard for gaining power and they both have a younger side to them. This shall be a great match undoubtedly, irrespective of what the result be.

Group H: Uruguay vs. Portugal, 28th November

Portugal shall use this opportunity to leave back the past strings of poor performances and make a fresh start. Christianp Ronaldo too shall be playing his last world cup. He would be the first player to have scored in five world cup matches. Uruguay has a great mix of players both talent and experience. In the last world cup, they were the team to knock out Portugal. This shall be a match to watch.

Group F: Belgium vs. Croatia, 1st December

Croatia shall be looking to move further ahead in the tournament than in the previous edition. On the other hand, Belgium shall be trying to play a memorable game so that they are remembered. This game shall surely be an encounter of two golden generations.

Group H: Uruguay vs. Ghana and Portugal vs. South Korea, 2nd December

The last round of the group stage match shall be interesting as South Korea shall be taking on Portugal. Both these teams have a star player and so to watch the battle amongst them shall be a treat. This is surely doing to be a tricky encounter for both the teams. On the other hand, the match between Uruguay and Ghana shall also be a tough fight as well. In 2010 Uruguay was the team that prevailed during the penalty shoot-out stage and stopped Ghana from becoming the first African team to reach the semi-finals. Ghana has got a chance now to settle the scores of the past. This shall surely be an interesting match to watch.

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