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LeBron James to Pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s All-Time Scoring Record This Season

LeBron James to Pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s All-Time Scoring Record This Season

LeBron James is arguably one of the best players, if not the best who have graced the game of basketball. In terms of championships won, he has four titles, two with the Miami Heat, one with the Cleveland Cavaliers and another with the Los Angeles Lakers, as for his individual honours, “King James” is also a four-time regular season Most Valuable Player and a four-time Finals Most Valuable Player.

Many players, past and present, have called him the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) with achievements constantly made and records progressively broken in his 19 seasons in the NBA. But others may argue he is still an all-time accomplishment away from truly overtaking the “Black Jesus” Michael Jordan as the best basketball player ever: The all-time scoring throne.


1,325 Points Needed


Entering his 20th season, LeBron showed no signs of slowing down in his career. He currently sits at the second position on the all-time scoring list, with just 1,325 points away from breaking Lakers’ legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the most points scored in the NBA. “King James” had an average scoring number of 27.1 points per game in the last 19 seasons, and although age is finally catching up to the Akron-born star, he is set to achieve that unparalleled honour this season.


Lesser Games Required


LeBron needed only 1,366 games to collect a total of 37,062 points while Cap required 1,560 games to achieve 38,387 points, thus if “King James” is able to stay healthy this season, a half season would be sufficient for him to take the first position of the all-time scoring list with much lesser games played than the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.


It’s Super Cool


When asked about the possibility of achieving such an honour, LeBron played down his thirst for chasing greatness in his career, but it will definitely be a “Super cool and dope” moment when he finally achieves that accolade that stood since 1989, when Cap last played for the Purple and Gold.


Entering the Season As an Underdog


The Lakers have not been the same after winning their 17th NBA championship in the Bubble during one of the most bizarre seasons ever; Trades and signings made failed to replicate their achievement three seasons ago, and they are now looking like a desperate team to overtake their arch-nemesis, the Boston Celtics for the most titles won.

Whether or not the Lakers would excel under their new coach Darvin Ham and LeBron’s costars, Antony Davis and Russell Westbrook would stay healthy are a million-dollar question, but all eyes would be on LeBron as he goes all-out to collect that all-time scoring crown.

Steven Mosier

"Eat, breathe and sleep sports" is the life motto of mine. My professional athlete career ended way earlier than I thought, but the passion remains till the present, which is why I am here writing you all the sports news you crave! Also, I am a huge fan of the Premier League as well the NBA.

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